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A scrapbook of my mind: A sampling of my works in progress and/or finshed as well as a smattering of other inspirations.

getting the next app ready

getting the next app ready


Would you mind posting pictures of how you affixed the clear disk in the ears to other two ear pieces ? Thanks

sure I actually have some!

Exec summary: I bondo’d in a bolt into the center of the ear caps, that screws through the center of the circuit board/disk/leds. Then on the other side I screwed it all into the helmet with a nut and washer :)



I met Daft Punk Separately at PAx yesterday and I hope they found each other.

I did run into him! ;)

At PAX Prime 2014!

A lot of fun, but hopefully will get a proper photoshoot eventually :)

EMOTEE BOOTH The Evil Within

EMOTEE BOOTH The Evil Within

See you all at PAX Prime

Everything is wired and secured into the helmet, battery pack connection working. All that is left: Get padding into the helmet :)

Switches, cables, and wires coming together!


"Ghost In The Shell - Genga Shuu" artbook coming this week in Japan.